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Indie game designer. Poet. Digital media artist. Web dev. Published writer. Former web-marketer. Currently working for a company that makes internet marketing software. I attend Indian River State College in Fort Pierce, Florida (USA).
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Sep 15 2014 2:07 pm

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#GameDev Update: I built a purposely awkward character controller for a game where you play as an ant.

Have you ever watched ants walk? I tried to imitate that as best as possible for the character controller. I’ll probably tweak it some more but for now it is done.

Sep 9 2014 2:59 pm

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Anonymous Asked: uhh that's chinese btw

Really? Could have swore I heard a few of the few Japanese words I know.

Ah well it was on top of another language being spoken so pretty rough to figure out and I’m not that well versed in either.

Sep 9 2014 1:23 pm

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Can’t watch the #AppleLive keynote because it keeps dropping.

Also the japanese translator voice over is pretty annoying. There should only be one audio stream…two on top of each other is strange. I can imagine it’s worse for anyone Japanese watching it because the english voiceover is louder.

Sep 6 2014 4:00 pm

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everythingfallout Asked: Hey I love your blog and I was wondering I want to start to get into game development myself. It's been a dream if mine for as long as I can remember. But I have no idea where to start. Do you think that you could help me or tell me where to go or what to do.

The great thing about the world today is that anyone with an internet connection and a will can become pretty much anything they want.

First, let’s figure out what you want to do in game development. There are lots of parts to developing a game: Art, programming, design (level, etc), GUIs are all things people get full time jobs for in the game industry. I’d suggest you goof off with a few of these and figure out what your shtick is. Personally, I’m a designer and I picked up some art and programming abilities over the year out of necessity. It helps me with prototyping and then I can also help out with the actual development of the game. Unfortunately, this is a very hard position to get a job in without years of experience in another position so I recommend going for design+ 1 other focus if you plan on being a designer of some sort. Otherwise, just stick with your 1 focus and get really good at it.

Or, if you just want to make lots of little games and sell them for $0.99 (actually viable to do by your self!) pick up a few little skills and cheap engine like Construct 2 (for 2D games) and/or Unity (for 2d and 3d games) and get to work. Both of these engines have massive amounts of free online tutorials as well as YouTube videos and active forums to help you get started. I made my first few little games in Construct 2 but have been working in Unity lately. There’s also UDK and GameMaker, as well as RPG Maker and other engines you can pick up out there. There are a lot! Poke around, try out the free ones, and find one you like.

If you want to go work for a big AAA studio like Bethesda or Bioware or Blizzard (why can I only think of B companies??), you can skip the game engine stuff and I would recommend going straight for a serious focus and getting to town on that. For 2D art, most companies will be fine with you using Photoshop so if that’s what you do, just pick up Photoshop. You can pirate it or pick it up on the Adobe website for a cheap monthly fee. If you want to do 3D modeling, I use Maya personally which you can get for free with a student email address, but Blender is free and really good too. For programming, I’m pretty sure most AAA big studios are still using C++. I could be wrong on that, I have no desire to ever work for a big AAA in the programming department so it’s not something I’ve really kept up with. Generally once you learn programming though, syntax is pretty trivial and you can pick up any other language fairly quickly. There are some great resources to learn programming such as (Paid), (Free), YouTube (Free), Udemy (Free and paid), and really you can just Google “Learn programming” or “Learn C++” or whatever and you’ll come up with a vast amount of resources (Google is your friend, use it a lot!). Lynda and Udemy also have lots of resources for anything else game dev…from art to modeling to programming and even specific game engines. and CGCookie are also great and have both free and paid tutorials.

There’s always the question of “Do I go to school or not?!” I go to school and I like it, but it’s put me in debt and everything I’ve learned here can be learned for free on the internet. However, for me it helped a lot to have a structured environment with feedback from professors to help me figure out my strengths and work on weaknesses. That to me was worth the money. Some people can’t do the college thing for various reasons and luckily, as long as you can get to a computer w/ the internet (your local library should have one you can use for free if you don’t own one), you can learn to dev games. If you can afford it though, I would look into various services like Digital Tutors, Udemy, Lynda, etc and see if they have what you’re looking for, and pay the monthly fee and just dedicate a lot of free time to learning and making stuff instead of playing games.

Here’s a great article from one of my favorite designers and artists:

My main piece of advice is this though: Do what seems right to you. Everyone is in a different situation and it’s hard to give the right advice on what someone should do. Figure out what’s good for you and do that. Only you can really answer that question so you’ll have to look at your situation and decide the best course of action.

Sep 5 2014 1:41 pm

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Here’s a link to that study

Sep 4 2014 9:05 pm

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Full time game dev from now on!

Even if it kills me.

Sep 2 2014 11:07 am

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(via New Statesman | Tropes vs Anita Sarkeesian: on passing off anti-feminist nonsense as critique)
Very well articulated.

Extremely important read.

(via humanegames)

Sep 1 2014 4:39 pm

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#Cyberpunk food. #soylent

Aug 20 2014 4:02 pm

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Larger version here!

Thought I’d take a crack at the “You have two cows" meme for tabletop RPGs. Like and reblog if you enjoyed it!

Having played a lot of these systems, I find this image to be quite accurate.

Aug 20 2014 2:37 pm

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¡Need 3D Modeling Help/Advice!

Hello, #indiedev #gamedev here! I’m primarily a coder but I’m not too bad at making low-poly 3d models (at least I think I’m okay at it). (side note: I use Maya)

But I don’t know anything about texturing and mapping any further than the UVs.

Like I can lay out UVs and do the whole texturing thing pretty well I think but what about all the other maps? What are those? What do I need to do to make a good lookin’ 3D model?

I’m not asking anyone to hold my hand walk me through the process. All I need is someone to say “oh you need to look up tutorials on X, Y, and Z!”

Or, you know, if you have tutorials you now of, that would help even more.


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